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A definitive collection of 194 haiku that brings together a plethora of diverse natural, cultural, and geographical influences from Navarro's life as a wandering poet-philosopher, minister, and child of nature.

Navarro draws on a lifetime of learning haiku (40 years), beginning at 19 years old when he discovered its origins in the heart of ancient Chinese poetry (Sensai and Hõ Un) and continuing through the quintessential influences of the four great Japanese hokku/haiku masters, Basho, Buson, Issa, and Shiki, and into modern times.

Readers will find everything from traditional English language 5-7-5 haiku, to more modern renditions with fewer syllables, some gendai haiku, semantic disjunctions, and even some senryu. Navarro's haiku are thoroughly steeped in modern American nature, culture, geography, and tradition. He brings haiku to life in a way that is relatable and accessible to the modern reader while faithfully maintaining the sharp visual nature of the form.

This is not la-la-land poetry but deals with some intense issues regarding the devil, devil spirits, the dead, and the kingdom of darkness—all from a godly and biblical perspective.

This chapbook of confrontational and persuasive words challenges critics and naysayers of the Bible to reconsider what they think because of the failure of religion while also being a great testimony to non-religious believers of what God has blessed us with in this life and the assuredness of our blessed Hope of Christ's return.

Though aggressive at points it is still very accessible and readable poetry that is sure to delight and enthrall those who want to know. Extensive explanatory "behind the scenes" notes are included to further elucidate the poetry and bring it to life. Not only an artistic endeavor, but a learning adventure for the serious biblical student.

Noted by some reviewers and critics to be a masterful work of literary merit in which D.E. Navarro gives us 27 engaging contemporary poems, an additional 18 Zen poems, and 1 piece of flash fiction that all work together in an integrated way to develop the main theme of taking the best of the rich knowledge of our past, the "Timeless Lore", merging it with our present understanding, and gathering the new seeds of knowledge to sow and plant for future generations.

The book contains an essay on Contemporary Poetry and a final surprise bonus at the end that is sure to spice up your life.

Navarro has been called a word-master who writes with an intelligent poetic flair that demonstrates his symbiotic relationship with the English language and extraordinary ability to deliver powerful themes through words and imagery. This book is no exception. Powerful words from a word-master.

Navarro wrote a series of haiku, haibun, poetry, and prose to capture the intriguing and inspiring moments of his arts and humanities studies at Purdue University Global—especially revolving around his research thesis, which demonstrated and documented how haiku has permeated our Western culture and society.

Aside from enjoying the haiku, haibun, and poetry in this volume, any reader seeking to understand haiku in more depth and to learn some techniques and tools that will help them in their haiku journey, will not be disappointed. This expanded version includes notes on the inner workings and details of two of his haiku and detailed explanations about kire, the cut or shift that sets up the match or juxtaposition, and a unique, unorthodox explanation of haiku history revealing its ancient roots.

Come take an intriguing, fresh, variegated haiku journey along with the author through this interesting book and step through the archway to beyond.

A simple to use and follow instruction-focused framework for ongoing assessment and development of instruction for early childhood learning programs ages birth to 5.  It provides an organized framework for administrators and teachers as they design instruction that closes early learning gaps so every child can reach targeted milestones and be successful in their educational journey and ultimately, in life.

The framework is culled from existing literature and documented research backed by citations from numerous sources and references. It includes five key factors of linking assessment to instruction and an organized way of approaching instruction driven assessment. This book is for all the amazing early childhood learning professionals, administrators, and teachers; and also for parents who want to know more as they raise their children to become the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

A remarkably compelling and engaging compilation of 63 poems by 39 poets from all over the world with an additional 8 micro-essays by editor and compiler, David E. Navarro.

This powerful poetry by the 2016 Pride in Poetry Prize winners and other selected poets explores the character and quality of life and humanity over many various significant and impacting times, places, and events—past and present—in the full span of our lives.

Specially selected for their quality, readability, and poignant impact, these poems are sure to please all poetry readers everywhere from this time forward in every place under the sun. There is something here for everyone and everything here is for someone—sometimes anyway.

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A Word-centered volume of 52 inspiring poems and 7 in-depth Biblical studies for all who want to know more about God and for all who love God and His Word.

The poetry in this volume was written in thanks and praise to God and to magnify God for His great grace and goodness, and for giving us His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that we might be made whole and lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty no matter what is going on in the world today.

The 7 studies in Biblical truth show how the Bible is a practical book with keys to living a  successful, victorious, and fulfilled life.

This is a non-denominational, interfaith volume of Biblical praise, inspiration, and encouragement for all Christians everywhere.

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A diverse collection of the best of D.E. Navarro's prior published and unpublished poems from the first 50 years of his life. He takes us on a soaring poetic journey via 151 poems diverse in style, tone, voice, approach and form—to explore life, self, humanity, the city, country, nature, people, society, and spirituality.

He draws on his eclectic heritage as a city boy, country boy, and child of nature to craft thought-provoking poetry that looks at existence through a mixture of perspectives. His endearing styles of wordplay and musical language comes through in both his short, simple, pithy poetry as well as his more complex, language-rich "flowing poetry" or floetry.

A short introduction is given in each of the ten sections of the book supporting the underlying theme of daring to soar, letting nothing hold you back, and reaching beyond the here and now to something that is larger than life itself.

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The poet is that rare artisan who lives between life and language—transforming life into language and living language as life. This anthology of 107 poems by 76 poets worldwide was selected from the 2009 Pride in Poetry Prize winners and other poets, many from the height of the Myspace Poetry Movement, as compiled and edited by D.E. Navarro.

This is a diverse collection of powerful poetry from around the world by modern, grassroots poets exploring a wide variety of topics and issues. Chosen by NavWorks Press for their clarity, readability, impact and pleasure, the poems fall into such categories as culture, life experience, world experience, philosophy, spirituality, nature, youth, abstract and conceptual ideas, love and relationships, writing and poetry, and more.

Enjoy the diversity of topics, forms, styles and voices in this appealing anthology.

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